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Moustaches Productions presents: Marine Street Shorebreak

We’re taking it back Old Skool with our local Grommet Crew.  Marine Street in La Jolla has an epic little shore break for these Groms to play in and for The Surfer to dislocate his shoulder in. Note to self: SurferWife, you would hurt yourself to the point of hip replacement, so just don’t. Enjoy…

Very few words from me and a great view. Your dream come true.

The best part of being a Surfer’s Wife.

What is it about a 5 year old girl saying the word WIENER that’s so dang funny?

It was just a normal Sunday. It was intended to be a simple trip to Sevie for a pina colada slurpee and some Funyuns. But a day in my life can never both start and end in a normal fashion. The Surfer, myself and little blondieface all bumble about 7-11 in a funk, hypnotized by…

Wordless Wednesday –With 9 Words

Would you expect anything else from a SurferWife’s family?

Fairy tales do come true.

Happy 5th Anniversary to The Surfer and his lovely wife! What’s that? It’s our 5 year anniversary and we have an 8 year old and 4.5 year old? Yes, friends. I was knocked up with Haley when we tied the knot so you can indeed say I had a shotgun wedding. My darling son also…