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Moustaches Productions presents: Marine Street Shorebreak

We’re taking it back Old Skool with our local Grommet Crew.  Marine Street in La Jolla has an epic little shore break for these Groms to play in and for The Surfer to dislocate his shoulder in. Note to self: SurferWife, you would hurt yourself to the point of hip replacement, so just don’t. Enjoy…

Pura Vida Adventures Costa Rica

To my darling husband: The Surfer, I love you.  And I am pretty sure you love me most days, too.  We have so much in common and love spending as much time together as possible.  However, for many years now I have been competing with your other lover.  Her name is The Pacific Ocean and…

The Grommet Crew 2013 Lives On

Thank goodness for those neighborhood grommets that keep me relevant as a SurferWife.  Enjoy the latest installment from The Grommet Crew 2013 Grommet: Definition: A young surfer. While it seems that being called a “grommet” would be derogatory, in fact, most surfers wish they still had that grommet perspective of the world. For the most…

Introducing The Grommet Crew 2013

I have never been more proud to introduce these up and coming surf film makers to you.  I may have birthed one of the kids and married one of the guys…. The others are the neighborhood groms.  Or better known as The Grommet Crew 2013. Move over Taylor Steele, you have some surf movie making competition.

A quick lesson on how to own the beach this summer.

No, your eyes doth not deceiveth you. This is a new blog post on a somewhat abandoned blog. I thought it would be fun to ask Amy, of Hapari Swimwear, to give us her input on what a true SurferWife or any variation of the word Surfer should do to blend in on the beach….

Happy Hour and a Celebrity Encounter– Andy Irons

Welcome Back to Happy Hour and a Celebrity Encounter. This week is different. Usually you read about a celebrity encounter from my boudoir or I have a guest poster tell their story and I scribble my thoughts and opinions all over it. At the end, I rank the encounter with a Marg-o-Meter. This week, A…

Wordless Wednesday –With 9 Words

Would you expect anything else from a SurferWife’s family?

Almost Wordless Wednesday– A SurferWife in the making.

If this isn’t a SurferWife’s daughter, then I don’t know what is…. And a Surfer’s daughter, of course.

I was so wound up that I….

totally forgot my surf report on today’s blog. Thanks a lot Tyra Banks. It takes a lot to rattle my cage, but she sure did it. Surf Report for Encinitas 10/29/2009: Current Air Temp: 65 degrees now, but at 8 am my car temp gauge read 49 degrees. Eek! Current Water Temp: 64 degrees Surf…