My Social Experiment

Knock, Knock!  Who’s There?  SurferWife.  SurferWife Who?


SurferWife Who? So sad. But come on already.  I need to get my shit together and start putting words on this fancy little space of the internet more often than once every two months.

Ok, so here goes.  Today I thought I would be all scientific and smart and shit and do a little experiment using about 20 of my closest friends.  I sent this text out, completely unsolicited, to people that I felt should know this is how I feel about them:

Thanks for all you do.  I appreciate you!


These were their responses:

Friend 1:  🙂

Friend 2:  Uhhhhh?  Did you find a Valium in your purse?

Friend 3: (Text #1) Me?  What did I do?   (Text #2) Besides tell you I’m a moron?  (Text #3) Or are you being sarcastic and I am too brain dead to catch it?

Friend 4:  🙂

Friend 5: I think you sent this to the wrong person?

Friend 6: WHAT??!! You are saying this to me?? That should be my text to you!

Friend 7: Did someone hack your phone? 🙂

Friend 8: Awwwww…..

Friend 9:  Are you ok? LOL thank you

Friend 10: Right back at ya

Friend 11: As long as I’m rewarded with wine, I’m all good!!

Friend 12: (text #1) Was that for me?  (text #2) Are you high on medicine?

Friend 13: Back at ya lady! Glad we’re friends! 🙂 feel better!

Friend 14: Kik rox

Friend 15: Huh?

As of the publishing of this blog post, six friends haven’t answered my text.  (Assholes).

Here’s what I found interesting, very few actually took my words as a compliment.  Six out of the 15 responses were accepting of the compliment (I’m counting :)’s as accepting the compliment) and the rest were not.  Whether they thought I didn’t mean to send it to them or something was wrong with me (which clearly there is, but that’s not the point here) they did not accept my words as complimentary of themselves.

I have to say, it has taken me 36 years to finally accept a damn compliment.  My knee jerk reaction is to throw a smart ass comment back, but I have recently realized that’s only my ego talking and not letting me be grateful for what my friends are saying about and to me.  Shit, have I been reading too many Jenny McCarthy blog posts on ego or what?

Oh, but I have to add it was the lovely Friend 14 that knew I was doing this social experiment and pointed out, and I quote, “But you’re usually such a bitch that this is going to catch people off guard.  So I think your results are skewed.”

I’d also like to point out that I sleep with Friend 14 and Friend 14 isn’t going to like the repercussion his words will have in that bed we sleep in together.


4 Responses to My Social Experiment
  1. jessalyn
    October 11, 2013 | 8:03 pm

    Yeah I told you that you looked like a celebrity or something recently in the Twitter & you didn’t respond. Now I know it’s because of your inner struggle with accepting compliments & I won’t take it personally. I miss our g chats, let’s catch up soon famous lady. ♥

  2. Sam Millus
    October 11, 2013 | 8:35 pm

    I’m peeing from laughing. I kinda want to try this too. But you’re right, we(usually us women) won’t take a compliment. It’s sad. We fucking rock and it’s nice to hear that from fellow rock stars every once in awhile!! Xo thank YOU for always making me smile:)

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