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So, you’re already like, “Oh NO!  SurferWife is posting a blog post on election day.  Now we’re all screwed.”

No, folks.  You’re not.  The only thing I want to tell you about my election process was how I wrote in my cat’s name as the write-in vote for County Supervisor or something lame like that.  Her name is Moustaches.  So, keep your eyeballs on my local news for my pussy (cat) to become our newest county politician.

Now that I have your full attention here (like 89% off you just clicked out after you read how I put my cat’s name on the voting ballot), I want to introduce you to my latest obsession.  Considering I AM SurferWife and my family spends major amounts of time in the sun, I am always on the hunt for fabulous skin protection.

Enter MDSolarSciences to the rescue.  Instead of me trying to explain the ingredients and why they’re important, why don’t you read straight from MDSolarSciences site about their exceptional sun protection product ingredients.  What matters to me is that we have broad spectrum UVA-UVB sunscreen on.

This easy application spray sunscreen is our must have.  I have two active children and one overly active husband.  I need something I can spray on them while they’re running down to the water’s edge.  The #1 thing I noticed with this spray vs the others is that it really sprays on you.  You know how sometimes you spray and you feel like half of the damn can sprays off into the universe?  Not sure what the magic elves at MDSolarSciences did to the nozzle, but it just sprays right.  Then I feel like I don’t have to use so much.

Also?  They aren’t lying when they say it isn’t greasy.  It’s not.  It actually has that quick dry, smooth feeling.  And nobody has burned.  It works.  The End.


Ladies?  I need to talk straight with you for a minute.  I need to tell you how I don’t like anything on my face.  I put moisturizer on (which has an spf in it) and then I like to be done.  If I know I’m going to be in the sun, then yes, I add an additional SPF lotion.  As far as foundation, tinting make-up, etc?  Get out of my face with that.


As I grow older (ahem), my skin is becoming less even, blotchy in areas.  Leading me to consider wearing face make-up.  Blerg.

In walks Mineral Screen Tinted Gel with an SPF of 30+ and she’s all, “Try me, SurferWife.  I am here to do it all for you.  I am extra protectory against the sun’s rays and I will lay nicely on your super uneven colored face.”

And I was all, “Ok, you show off that makes up words like protectory.  Show me what you can do.”

Gals?  It really is lovely.  I apply the tinted gel and spend time in the sun with NO burning whatsoever. The actual product on my face?  So super light, non greasy and makes my face feel really soft and smooth.  Oh, and even more important?  The Surfer actually complimented my skin once when we were out.  Like, he’s kinda the guy who isn’t the first to notice that sort of stuff, but he did.  Clearly, this means I need to keep using my MDSolarSciences tinted gel.

And you should, too.  Take it from someone who spends far too much time in the sun.

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*Disclaimer: MDSolarSciences sent me the two products reviewed above.  All opinions are my own and if I didn’t like their stuff, I’d tell them to kick rocks.  I don’t lie to my readers, yo.    


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