I’m giving you the gift of comedy for Mother’s Day

I’d like to give you a few Mother’s Day scenarios, if you will.

  • You are a mother and you want some funny time on your special day.
  • You have a mother and she wants some funny time on her special day.
  • Neither scenario above applies, but maybe you’re looking to hook up with a mother at a comedy show?  Stifler’s Mom anybody?

Ok, so I don’t need to know your business or which scenario applies to your life, but I do want to offer you the solution.  The solution that involves these two fine pieces of ass:

Vicki Barbolak--America's Funniest Mom

Shawn Pelofsky--Stretch It Out

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, 6pm at Madhouse Comedy Club in San Diego will be the place to be if you want to end Mother’s Day on a high note.  I have seen both of these beauties many a time and if you’re super lucky, Vicki will be wearing size 0 spandex with toilet paper trailing from her foot.

And my dear Shawn.  Oh, Shawn Pelofsky.  This little Barbara Streisand extraordinaire talks about her sex life, her Jewish mother and all of her loyal gays.  She’s also #TeamBlackberry.  I’m not sure what this says about her…but it says something.

I want to give you 2 comped tickets to their show.  Like, famous VIP style.  Your name will be on a sparkly list and everyone will be like, “Who’s that famous person on Shawn’s comp list?  They must be #TeamBlackberry. So lucky.”

This is what I want you to do — Go tweet this: Did you hear @ShawnPelofsky is performing on Mother’s Day at @MadHouseComedy? Win tix from @SurferWife here: http://bit.ly/KkjzuZ


Tell your Facebook friends this: I really want to see @ShawnPelofskyComedy perform on Mother’s Day at Madhouse Comedy Club! @FriendsOfSurferWife is giving away tickets to this show here: http://bit.ly/KkjzuZ

(In order to tag Shawn Pelofsky Comedy and Friends Of SurferWife in your status, you’ll probably need to ‘LIKE’ the pages)

Once you do one or both of these, please leave a comment on this blog post (with the link, hopefully?) telling me so.

Winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, May 10th at 8pm PST.  Rumor has it that all mothers at this show get a cupcake and champagne.  Maybe Vicki will feed it to you.


4 Responses to I’m giving you the gift of comedy for Mother’s Day
  1. jessica alban
    May 8, 2012 | 10:32 pm

    what a wild and crazy night that show would be!! Someone’s going to be a lucky MOTHER f***er!!!

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