Vaccines, Media and Bullying: The Truth on Jenny McCarthy

Recently, Jenny McCarthy wrote an op-ed piece for the Sun-Times called The Gray Area On Vaccines, in which she discussed her stance on vaccines. The entire point of this piece was to reiterate what she has always believed, and continues to believe about vaccination.

You see, the media is a very powerful beast that can manipulate any story into what they want it to be. They create the heroes and the villains according to what’s going to get their reporting outlets the most attention, and of course, sponsorship. A large portion of journalism no longer relies on fact and telling us the unbiased story, rather they feed us the juicier, fictionalized version of a truth. And we are all victims of biting on to their nonsense.

Every single one of us.

Over the past few years, there has been a tireless crusade against Jenny McCarthy for speaking out about the gray area of vaccines and the choices we make as parents. She has been pigeon-holed into an anti-vaccination monster that should be blamed for every outbreak of measles or mumps or the flu. It’s easy to make her the scapegoat when the media has brainwashed so many people to believe that she has been on an anti-vaccination crusade. The problem with this? She never has been. What she HAS done is bring to light many questions about vaccinations and their schedule for our children.

The latest wave of bashing and bullying against McCarthy has now exploded because the general public wants to believe that her piece, in which she *once again* reiterates her stance as non anti-vaccination, is just her attempt to rebrand herself and distance herself from her past.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In an effort to bring awareness to McCarthy’s current stance, which has continuously remained intact for nearly 10 years now, I put together this video clip referencing her beliefs over the years.

In addition, and on a more personal level, I also need to bring attention to the bullying and hate that surrounds this whole controversy. I understand this is a topic that many feel passionate about. I really do understand, as well as the need for people to talk about it and express their own opinions and rebuttals. Intelligent questions, opinions and comments are what help us grow, understand and become more tolerant of one another.

Unfortunately, far too many people take opportunities like this to threaten, bully and coerce other people that do not share their opinion.

This is beyond unacceptable and needs to stop. What I am displaying below is bone chilling even to me and these words aren’t even directed towards me.

Jenny McCarthy Bad Tweet 4


Jenny McCarthy Bad Tweet 3


Jenny McCarthy Bad Tweet 2


Jenny McCarthy Bad Tweet 5


Jenny McCarthy Bad Tweet 1


One other fact that many may not know about Jenny McCarthy is that she is a spiritual woman and has peace within herself. She sees messages like this and understands that the hate is not about her. It is, in fact, about the person saying the hate filled words. It does not phase her the way the poster hopes it will, and as a matter of fact, it only encourages her to love more and pity those with such profound unhappiness inside themselves.

And a personal message to Phil Plait, contributor to Slate, (whom I refuse to link here):  You are no better than the bullies I listed up above. You hide behind your column and your well strung together words to only enforce bullying upon a woman and mother who has an opinion and raises awareness.  Quite honestly, your constant berating of Ms. McCarthy only shows the rest of us how cowardly you are and how intimidated you are by strong, smart, opinionated women. Every time you promote a blog post you’ve written that insults another human being, the more discredited your name becomes. Your fan base may seem to grow, but it is filled with the bullies highlighted up above who are no worse and yet, no better than yourself, sir.

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